2016 Annual Meeting

September 14-16, 2016

"Healthcare Cybersecurity" @wareness is Key

Session Speakers and Course Outlines/Details

**Please check our Schedule for additional classes not listed below**


“Cybersecurity in Healthcare”

Asadullah (Asad) Khan is a Clinical Engineering Director for Information System Securities at Aramark. He is leading Clinical
Informatics division that offers cyber security and systems engineering solutions to its clients. He is a Biomedical Engineering professional with over 13 years of experience in healthcare technology management, systems design and implementation & optimization of clinical technologies.

Asad will be offering an educational session on “Cybersecurity in Healthcare” during the next Virginia Biomedical Engineering conference. He will cover following topics:

  • Describe cyber security threats in healthcare and its impact on patient care
  • Definition of connectable medical devices and ePHI
  • Best practices and tools to adopt before integrating medical devices
  • Risk assessment on medical systems
  • What skill sets to develop to address this challenge

Vendor Speaker (this will be on Thursday Sept 15th fr om 2:30-3:30 PM in the Exhibit Hall)

Supply Chain Management and Biomed integration, connectivity and beyond.....

Thomas McVey is the director of operations and logistics for Supply Chain Management at River side Health system. Thomas
has spent the last 25 years driving greater supply chain automation and visibility utilizing leading edge technologies starting with the Marine Corps to companies such as Intel and Cisco Systems. He has spent the last 5 years with Riverside Health System streamlining their supply chain operations through various Process Improvement and inventory reduction initiatives."

Thomas McVey
Director, Operations & Logistics
Supply Chain Management
Riverside Health System
GE “The Giraffe & Panda iRes Warmer Technical Overview”. 

This course will include a PM review and general troubleshooting of the most common repair issues, including circuitry and board replacement.

Round Table

AAMI’s approach to Cybersecurity - Patrick Bernat, AAMI Director of HTM will lead an open informal discussion.

This is open to all and will take place in the Grand Ballroom during the lunch break period so no classes need be missed.

ZOLL “R” (Pre-Registration requested, class size limited to the first 12)

John Amann started with ZOLL in 2013 as a technical trainer working alongside our customers and business partnersoffering technical training classes on ZOLL’s line of defibrillators. John currently holds the position of Customer Quality Assurance Manager for the Northeast region of the U.S. along with providing international support. Prior to joining ZOLL, John worked for 12 years in urban 911 systems utilizing ZOLL defibrillators and data products as a Paramedic in Massachusetts.

During this two-day certificate Biomed class, John will be providing you with both clinical and technical information as it relates to the ZOLL “R”.

 Clinical  Technical
Basic ECG Analysis and Review
Daily and 12 month PM's
Device Overview
System Level Overview
External Pacing
Module level review
Defibrillation Problem Diagnosis
Synchronized Cardioversion
Technical Self Diagnosis
  System disassembly/assembly

Cybersecurity in Healthcare - James Piepenbrink

Jim has been the Dir ector of Clinical Engineer ing at Boston Medical Center for the past 30 year s. His inter ests include alar m
fatigue, patient safety and asset management. He has published over 20 articles, written blogs, participated in national webinars and has presented on a variety of topics locally, nationally and internationally. Jim has served as editorial board member for AAMI’s Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology as well as the Journal of Clinical Engineering. Jim sits on the AMAMI HTSI National Alarm Coalition and participates in several working groups. In 2016, Jim was awarded the AAMI Foundation Clinical Solutions Award. Jim is also the Faculty advisor in a Instructor in Medical Engineering at The Ben Franklin Institute of Technology.

Northfield Scope Care and Handling - Wes Epperly

Rigid Scopes, Video Cameras and Light Cords - In this In-Service we combine three devices that must all work perfectly in order to provide the surgeon with an excellent image. Attendees will learn the basic anatomy of each device, vartious functions. Basic troubleshooting of problems and care and handling tips. In addition, attendees will learn how to easily check the Light Cords to ensure that adequate light is moving through the cord.

IMS Care and Handling of Flexible Endoscopes—Keith Miller


1) Understanding the anatomy of a flexible endoscope,

2) Identifying common problems,

3) Understanding the carte, handling and testing of flexible endoscopes,

4) Proper storage techniques and

5) Common reasons for repairs and preventative measures.

Ambassador Enterprises presents -

Designing, Planning, and Installing an Integrated Communications, Notifications, and Location Systems

Rustin Bourbeau Regional Manager Ascom Wireless

  • Nurse Patient Communication Systems
  • IP Based Nurse Call Overview
  • Integrations to other systems
  • RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems)
  • Wireless Phones
  • Rounding and VoIP Staff Workflow Consoles
  • Telemetry Integration
  • EMR integrations

Justin Scutchfield National Sales Director Versus Technology

  • RTLS - Real Time Locating Systems
  • Overview of competing Technologies RF-IR, Wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Basic Layouts of RTLS
  • Staff Assist Alerting
  • Integrations- Nurse Call
  • Equipment Locating and Par Levels
  • Rounding
  • Psychiatric applications
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance

Evan Chadwick Area Manager Biamp Systems

  • Voice Evac Paging Systems for Healthcare Environments
  • History of Paging in Healthcare Analog Paging
  • Transformation of Analog to Digital Voice Evac
  • Why can’t we just use the Fire Alarm System?
  • Designing an Voice Evac System
  • Redundancy and Speaker Line Supervision
  • Ambient Noise Compensation
  • Automation of Evac Messages
  • Integrations to other Systems

Augmented Reality – Revolutionizing Technology and Healthcare - Corinne Hoisington

What new technologies will change our biomedical world in 2016? Wait until you see how augmented reality is changing everythi ng. Colleges are now using HoloLens to teach medical and biomedical classes. As the proliferation of smart devices begins in earnest, medical workers may invite a whole new wave of security risks into medical devices and personal lives without even realizing it as well. Be safe, be careful, be powerful! Join is for the latest, greatest technologies in 2016!

Microsoft in Healthcare- Office, Windows 10, Power BI, Devices, Apps, Cortana, and Security - Corinne Hoisington

Join us for a full in-depth tour of what is happening in the Office suite world – see Microsoft’s next-generation of Office/ Windows 10 which has been overhauled to include a new clean look that adds amazing power to Excel with Power BI and shared authoring capabilities in Word. See new Office apps such as Sway, Office Mix, Yammer, Delve, and the Microsoft OneNote experience. See the new voice activation in OneNote and beyond!

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